Must own your own home

Must own your own home to even be considered for an upcoming project.  We can not work on rentals or leases.

Current Military, First Responder or American Veteran

Must have served or currently serve in the American Military or be among the group considered first responders.  Police, Fire Fighters, EMT's, Doctor's Nurses, etc.

Must have written request

We must receive your request for help in writing.  It can come by snail mail or fill out the form and submit by email. Please include all relevant information. Name, Age, Address, How long you have owned home, What branch of military and length of service, Disability?, Illness?, Problem with ac/heater?, Has a company looked at unit?, What did they say?, Who was the company?, How long have you had the problem?

Must provide annual income

Must being willing to provide proof of household annual income

Must live and request for projects in North Florida

We would LOVE to help everyone, but unfortunately we can only help those in North Florida at this time.  Mainly in Duval, Clay and St. Johns counties.

Must have Patience

This is not a fast fix!  We work as a board of directors and only do a few projects per year. Once a request comes in it is our goal to respond to the request within a week.  The board of Directors has final say on what and when projects will be completed.

Contact Us

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Air Angels Foundation of Florida

P.O. Box 40107, Jacksonville, FL 32203, US